Welcome to the Zandan Poll

Thank you for taking the time to read the highlights of this year’s public opinion poll of the Austin community.

I undertook this project as a longtime citizen of Austin who has watched the community grow over the years. As I continued to hear differing opinions about the past, present, and future of Austin, I created the Zandan Poll to serve as an objective tool to measure how Austinites really feel about our evolving community.

As a follow-up from previous surveys, the 2015 Zandan Poll continues to analyze Austinites’ opinions on important topics, such as the economy, affordability and policy issues. In addition, this year’s poll will also focus on “cultural identity,” defined as the unique set of attributes, values and practices that characterize the city and set it apart from other places.

This city has long been home for me after moving here in the 1970’s, attending school, raising a family and starting a number of businesses. This survey stemmed from my Austin experience and my professional curiosity to find a way to scientifically measure how Austin citizens feel about the changes going on around them and about their connection to the city.

I have conducted survey research and social analytics for more than 30 years, and I know the benefits it can bring to all civic groups and organizations in addressing problems and opportunities.

As I share the 2015 results, my hope is that this poll continues to be a resource for the Austin community. Please join me in the online conversation about the important topics addressed in this year’s poll by using the official hashtag #atxspeaks.

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Peter Zandan Ph.D. Poll Executive Director and Financial Sponsor

The Zandan Poll: Voices of the Austin Community is an objective and scientifically-based survey developed and sponsored by Peter Zandan, to increase understanding and dialogue on key community issues. Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 12.19.53 PM